Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prepare Your Church For Your Replacement


"If you want to make sure that your successor doesn't preach the Gospel, Just admit lots of people into the membership who aren't truly converted."

Mark Dever - "False Conversions: The Suicide Of The Church" at 2012 T4G

In the same address, Pastor Mark Dever explains why it is important to guard your church against false teachers.  There is a symbiotic relationship in the church, between false teachers and false converts.  "False teachers produce false converts; false converts hire false teachers."

That would explain how it is that some fundamental, doctrinally sound, bible believing churches that I have known, have drastically degenerated in just one generation.


Anonymous said... very true.......good's happening all over........

Pumice said...

One of the biggest blow-ups I had when pastoring was when I refused to transfer someone in from another congregation because she was not a believer. The problem was not her. I talked with her and we agreed she should not join. It was her parents who were on my board. I managed to survive but it was brutal.

Grace and peace.