Sunday, April 29, 2012

It’s Zero hour, I am Zonked and Zapped; lost my Zeal; no Zippy or Zany ideas for Zees; I have Zip, Zero, Zilch; I think I’ll Zone out and catch some Zzzzzs.

(Title Translation:  I'm Done; Good Night! )

Here I am right down to the wire.  It’s late and I’m tired.  This A to Z blog challenge has been interesting and fun but always challenging.

But for this post, I have nothing.  No ideas, No inspiration, No interest.  Nothing sarcastic.  Well I don't feel so badly because even Dr. Seuss had to invent words for the letter Z in His ABC book. 

 "Big Z, little Z, what begins with Z?
I do. I'm a zizzer zazzer zuzz, as you can plainly see." 

This year I did something really unusual.  I have attempted to alliterate all my titles and that has proven to be more challenging than writing articles.  Some letters were easy; others like this one for the letter Z was ridiculous. 

The longest title was for the letter I with a total of 59 words.
Here are all 26 blog titles in one place.  Enjoy!! 

Angry Abortion Advocates And Amoral Activists Are Always Anxious to Avow Any Anal Arguments for the Assassination of Amorphous Anthropoids.

Barack O’Bama’s Banal B-man and Big time Bloviater, Biden, Belches a Buffet of Bloopers, Blunders, Boners, Boo-Boos, and other Blustery Bozo-like Blurbs of Bunk, Balderdash, and Buffoonery.

Clueless, Condoning mom Cannot Control Crass, Criminal Child as he Cops a Cache of Candy at the Checkout Counter to the Consternation of the Cashier and the Customers, without Correction or Consequences.

Dainty Dishes Damaged and Defected as Dad Drops Delicate Dinnerware During Domicile Displacement.

Enuff with the Evangelical Eco-freak Elementary Educators and Eccentric Entertainers Endlessly Endorsing Earth Exalting, Environmental Extremism Encroaching Everywhere.

Free Food and Foolish Falderal For Fallow Folks and other Feral Freeloading Freaks.

Good Grandfathers Give Girly-Girl Granddaughters the Gift of Gun control by Guiding them in the Grasp, Guardianship, and Gratification of Garands, Glocks and other Great Guns.

The Hoi Polloi who Hold to Heterodoxal Happycrap, and the Hoards of High Heralds of their Heretical Hype are not of His Holy Household and Have no Hope for Heaven’s Hallowed Halls.

Illustrious, Intimidating, and Influential Insiders Imagine some Individuals to be Inconsequential and Incredulous Imbeciles and Idiots whose Interests are In the Investigations and Interviews that Indicate or Imply Illegalities, Illegitimacies, and Impostures; and who Insist In Inquiries and Indicia regarding the Indubitable Inconsistencies and Intentional Irregularities of the Imperial’s Infamous Instruments Including Indications of Inception and other Identifying Information.

Jillions Joke as Jay, the Jester, caJoles and Justifies Juvenile Judgments of the Jackanapes Jabbing at the Judiciary and challenging the Jurisdiction and Jurisprudence of the Justices to the Jocular Jeering and Jousting of Journalists.

Kate’s Kindly and Kissable Kitten Killed when Kooky Know-it-all Kinsman puts the Kibosh on Kinesis to prove Kitties always Keep upright when dropped.

Lonely Little Lady Lavishes Her Long Life in Liberal Liturgy and Loving Labor for Her Lord.

Many Multifarious Marriages, Multiple Mates, and a Myriad of Mixed up, Morally Mad, and Menial Mismatches Make for a Massive Maze of Matrimonial Mayhem.

No way, No how; Nodular, Nasty, or Nauseating Nerds with Nose and Nipple rings or Noggin Nails will Never be Numbered among the Nominees for any Nine-to-five Niche and Need Not apply.

Oops!  Overcoming all Odds, Obama the Omniscient Organizer Of Obamacare; the Obliterator Of Osama and Obesity; the Obnoxious Opposer Of Oil Operations; the Omnipotent One who Overpowers Oceans and Ozone; the Opulent, Overspending and Oppressive Occupier Of the Oval Office, is Ordained to become a One term Obamination.

Providence Purposefully Provided the letter “P” so Pastors could Preach Profound and Provocative three Point Propositions to their People with Pop, Pizzazz, and Polish.

Question; are we being Qaddafi’d by our unQualified, Quixotic Quaestor and His Queer Quantity of Quran-Quoting al Qaeda colluders and other Quirky, Quacksalver acQuaintences in His Quadrenial Quest to Quell the Quality of our Quintessence?

Resembling Raunchy Reprobates, a Rash of Reprehensible, Raging, and Ravenous Renegade Reverends Ridicule Rightness, Resist Reconciliation, Reject Reason, Recklessly Rouse Racism, and Rate no Reverential Respect.

Selecting, Suitable pSalms, Spiritual Songs, and other aSSorted, Scripturally Sound Sacred Strains that Support the Shepherd’s Sermons for the Singing Saints in their Sycophancy of the Sovereign Savior on Sundays is my Service.

Teens Tend To Trifle away Too much Time Tweeting, Texting, or Twaddling with Twerps and Turn Too little Thought To The Treasure Troves of Truisms, Training, and Trials That come Through Table Talks with Their Teachers, Tenders, and Tutelars.

Undulating Upside down is Understandably Unnerving and seems an Unreasonable, Unbalanced, and Ugsome Undertaking; but for the Unafraid, it is Undeniably Uplifting, Uniquely Unparalleled, and Ultimatly Unforgettable.

A Vast Variety of Vulgar Villains and Vacuous Vagrants Vehemently Voice Venom and aVow Violence to aVert the Verification, Validation, and Veracity that is Vital to aVoid Voter Vexation.

Warning!  When Wise, Witty, and Wonderful Words are Wasted and Wrecked by Witless Wingnuts, and Wacky Wonks Who Would Wrest and Wrench them from our Working Wordstock and replace them With Worthless Weasel Words, our Writing is Weakened, our Wisdom Wanes, and We are Worsened.

X is for - EXcuse me; Your eXperience and eXpertise aside, I am Xenophobic and not eXtremely eXcited about the eXcrable eXposition and eXpansion of my eXcremental eXit to eXtend a flexible instrument of eXamination on an eXplorative and eXpeditious eXcursion and to eXecute the eXcision and eXtraction of eXcrescence.

In Youthful YesterYears of Yore, under Yonder Yoke of tyranny, Young colonies, united by their Yearnings for a union under Yahweh, in the Year, 1776, Yoemanly Yielded unanimous Yeas but for the Yellow Younkers of New York.

It’s Zero hour, I am Zonked and Zapped; lost my Zeal; no Zippy or Zany ideas for Zees; I have Zip, Zero, Zilch; I think I’ll Zone out and catch some Zzzzzs.   
Good Night!

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