Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for - Illustrious, Intimidating, and Influential Insiders, Imagine some Individuals to be Inconsequential and Incredulous Imbeciles and Idiots whose Interests are In the Investigations and Interviews that Indicate or Imply Illegalities, Illegitimacies, and Impostures; and who Insist In Inquiries and Indicia regarding the Indubitable Inconsistencies and Intentional Irregularities of the Imperial’s Infamous Instruments Including Indications of Inception and other Identifying Information.

(Title Translation:  What?  Obama Doesn't Have A Birth Certificate So I'm Stupid?  Go Figure! )

A couple years ago my wife and I took a cruise vacation. Before we could board the ship, we had to produce copies of our birth certificates to prove our citizenship.

I contacted the Department of Records for the county in which I was born and filled out the required form to request the copy.  I submitted the $10.00 fee and a few weeks later I had the document in my grubby little hands.   Now pay real close attention here; that was not a hard thing to do; not even for a dummy like me.
So wouldn’t you think that the “Smartest” president we’ve ever had could do that.  The $10.00 should be no problem but if He can’t afford it, I imagine there are probably thousands of real citizens (with birth certificates) who would be happy to give Him the Ten Spot.  And with all the staff at His disposal, filling out the request form shouldn’t be difficult.  He could just delegate it to someone and it would be done.  But the best they could do was produce a poor quality cut and paste counterfeit?

So what’s the problem?  He says He meets the qualification for eligibility to preside over this country and He cannot produce the certificate.  Or maybe He WILL not produce it.  Rumor has it that He has spent hundreds of thousands to deliberately seal or bury several documents that authenticate His credentials.  It seems rather simple to imbeciles and idiots like me; if He is a natural born citizen, it is easy to prove it.  If He is not, He won’t.   
Well in spite of all the pundits, politicians, and policy wonks who insist that He is legit and “birthers” are lunatics, there is growing evidence that raises significant doubt among an increasing number of people who are just asking the simple question; “Mr. President, just show us your stinkin’ birth certificate, for cryin’ out loud.” 

Okay so He has a god complex; maybe that’s why He acts like Melchizedek; A King of peace forever Who appears suddenly but nobody knows where He comes from.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:
but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.  Proverbs 29:2

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