Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for - Good Grandfathers Give Girly-Girl Granddaughters the Gift of Gun control by Guiding them in the Grasp, Guardianship, and Gratification of Garands, Glocks and other Great Guns

(Title Translation:  Girls Are Just Like Boys Only Different.)

Now here's a special day I can really get behind.

No doubt you've heard of "National take your daughter to work day."  But this year, on June 9, is the first annual "National Take Your Daughter To The Range Day."

Traditionally owning guns, and learning to shoot them has been a male dominated enterprise.  Boys played "cowboys and indians (I know, that's not politically correct but that's what we played so leave me alone)," "cops and robbers," and "war games" when they were young.  Then they got a little more serious in scouting programs and hunting trips with Dad when they grew older. 

One of the biggest "rites of passage" for boys (when I was young) was getting our first "Red Ryder" BB guns.

For the most part, girls were left out.

But all that is changing.  Just a few years ago gun shows were largely male attended events.  Not so today.  Statistics indicate that there are many women at gun shows and dealers report that approximately 20% of their gun purchases are made by women.

Guns are great equalizers for women who feel unsafe or are attacked by a larger, more powerful adversary. 

So take your daughters (or granddaughters) to the range.  Teach them to handle firearms.  Teach them personal responsibility.  Help them find an appropriate gun for their own protection.  If neccessary, buy pink guns for your girly-girls.  They'll love 'em.

And then teach them about their rights as enumerated in the Constitution.  The second amendment is for the protection of our daughters too.

 "...fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses." Nehemiah 4:14

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