Saturday, June 10, 2017


Gender confusion is a psychological disorder, but it's more than just that.  It brings with it, other disorders including grammatical disorders.  Gender confused people and those who tolerate them just don’t know how to write or speak correctly anymore.

People are either fearful of PC speech violations or they have forgotten basic third-grade grammar.  Everywhere in our vernacular (street language), as well as in media and literature, is the evident disorder of Pronoun Confusion.

The pronouns "they" and "them" are plurals and I find it extremely awkward to use them as PC substitutes for singular, gender-specific pronouns.  Besides, it irritates me.

For example, if you were to say,  "If A person commits a crime, THEY should be punished,” (I would think you should be punished for your grammatical crime).  The proper pronoun, in that sentence, is NOT they, it is "HE," even if he is a woman because the masculine form is grammatically generic for all humans when gender is either unspecific or all-inclusive.

I refuse to submit to ANY PC speech. I don't have the time or the desire to learn and understand all 56 of the gender variations that Facebook now recognizes.  I am just content to go with the two that God ordained at creation; "Male and Female created He, them."

If you are female, I will politely and respectfully refer to you with grammatically correct feminine gender pronouns.  If you are male, I will use masculine pronouns.  If I am referring to anyone without gender specificity, I will use generic masculine pronouns.
If you are confused or are not sure what you are, read your birth certificate.  And then, if you are still confused, ask an electrician to explain the difference between the two ends of an extension cord.

It's not really that difficult, folks.  You all know how to identify your dogs' genders.  You look between their back legs and declare them male or female.  If you can do that with dogs, you should be able to discern the genders of people.  

So please; learn some basic grammar. When you confuse pronouns while you are speaking, you sound really stupid.

This ends my helpful hint of the day.  You’re Welcome!

THEIR is a PLURAL possessive pronoun.  That means that something belongs to more than one person; it belongs to THEM.  It is THEIRS.
If something belongs to only one person, the possessive pronoun is either HIS or HERS.  If the gender is unknown, the pronoun is HIS.
Stop using plural pronouns when referring to a single possessor.  When you say, "I only have ONE friend; THEIR name is George", people will know you are uneducated.
There is my public service for the day.