Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rhino Briefs (Mar. 8 - Apr. 4)

  • The statistic are in; the Christian church is losing its influence and impact in the world. That is because we have largely ceased being what we are supposed to be in preference to trying to be relevant. In this post, The Reforming Baptist makes this startling indictment against the man-centered philosophy of market driven church movements:
    The mantra for the church by its biggest name leaders is "relevance!" but I am convinced that American Christianity in western culture is absolutely irrelevant no matter how hard they try to engage the world by trying to relate with them.

  • Who do they think they are anyway? Isn't congress elected by the people to represent the people and protect the people. Doesn't the Constitution limit the power of the Federal Government? In this video clip, Neil Cavuto takes one of to them task for overreaching their control and for their frightening expansion of government power.

  • In this next clip, Alan Keyes issues a sober warning. We had better stop the laughing and Kool-aid drinking before we lose this country.

  • In one of my favorite rants this week, Glenn Beck challenges the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut to stop trying to make or interpret the law and just ENFORCE THE LAW.

      • My friend, Pastor Ron Livesay, has started his own blog, Buffalo Noise, where he is posting many of his archived position papers, articles, and random thoughts from his years of Christian School Administration.


      Ron Livesay said...


      Thanks for promoting my Blog. I plan to continue to post old articles as well as new ones as I write them.

      Anonymous said...

      The time for revolution could be drawing near.

      Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

      The Second American Tea Party is coming up on April 15. It is time to fire them all and replace them in the next election OR take this country back in the Second American Revolution.

      Daisy said...

      Attorney General of Conn. makes me say...


      My head is going to explode. I need valium.