Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100 Days And I Feel A Lot Better Now

This President is showing true leadership. He is taking the bull (pun intended) by the horns. As another president once said, “The buck stops here,” so Obama is assuming personal responsibility to curtail runaway spending and massive debt. He is going to save our economy with real fiscal responsibility.

Not by employing meaningless, symbolic gestures like that last Democrat president. Does anyone remember when Clinton tried to convince our children that the nation's budget deficits were everyone’s responsibility? Does anyone remember how thousands of school children were encouraged to conduct penny drives and to raid their piggy banks and voluntarily send their change to Washington? Remember how proud those ignorant kids were for doing their part to "save the country?" Do you remember how their liberal teachers encouraged them by saying, "every little bit helps?" What a bunch of happycrap.

Well, not this president. Obama is rising to the occasion and demanding that His cabinet bite the bullet and make massive cuts. Atta boy, Chief. That’s what responsible leadership looks like. That’s true statesmanship. That is what we expect from the greatest leader in the history of the world.

One hundred million dollars! Say that over to yourself a few times. "ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!" Look at that in numerals; $100,000,000.00.
That's how much He is demanding in budget cuts. Isn’t that encouraging? I know, it is a big number. It’s hard to visualize just how much that is. It is hard to visualize how much of an impact that will make on our country’s deficit. It is hard to imagine just how brave and daring and drastic those cuts will be to our national budget.

If you are still having trouble visualizing how great this is, this short video clip should help put things into perspective.

Is that the "change" He promised?

Don't you feel a lot better now?

Come to think of it, all the change collected by the children for Clinton's budget deficit might have more substance.


Daisy said...

Uh, that stinks.

Ellery said...

Wait, what about all the money he has had printed to cover all of his stimulants. Doesn't that count as savings. It didn't cost him anything.