Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Z is for Za

ZA - An abbreviated variation of the commonly used noun, “pizza” as in, “hey dude, lez go grab some suds and a pepperoni za."   Urban Dictionary

In Exodus 16, is the account of a problem Moses was having with the people. There were millions of them wandering around in the wilderness and they were hungry and needed food every day. So God provided daily fast food delivery for them.  When they saw the bread from heaven, they asked, “What is this stuff?” And that is the exact translation of the word, “manna.” It litterally means “what is this stuff?”

The answer to that question is pretty clear, it seems to me, from the text.  It was ZA (pizza). Why do I think that?  If you consider these statements about that mystery bread, I think you'll be convinced too:

  • In verse 4 God told Moses that He would send bread down from Heaven. Whatever God gives is good and pizza is, in my humble opinion, the best food on earth (or in Heaven). It was a complete, perfect food. It was all-sufficient for their sustenance.  It was their daily bread. I can’t think of a more, perfect food and I couldn't imagine anything less from God. It contains a variety of proteins and carbohydrates. It is healthy. I make it a personal habit to try to eat from all four of the major food groups each day; sugar, salt, grease, and cholesterol. Pizza has all of that in abundance.
  • In verse 8, Moses tells the people that they are to eat bread to the full. And then, in verse 16, he instructs them that each man should gather according to the number of persons in his own home. Everyone was well-filled. There was plenty to go around.  It was enough. When my wife and I go out for pizza with our kids and their families, we usually order one pizza for each family unit and there is always enough for everyone. Some of our grandchildren eat very little and some of us eat much more than our fair share, but we eat it all and everyone is filled.
  • Moses tells them, in verse 19, don’t save any of it for the next day. They were to eat all of it and not save it because it would go bad. I love pizza and I could eat it every day. And when I do, I stuff myself to the full.  But as much as I like it, I’m not crazy about warmed over leftover pizza.
  • In verse 23, they were told to bake what they wanted to bake and boil what they wanted to boil. They were free to prepare it in a variety of ways according to their preferences. And that's the way it is with pizza. Some of us like thin crust and some like pan styled. Others like stuffed crust. We have ours prepared in a variety of ways.  There are Mexican, Chicago, New York, and a myriad of other styles. 
  • Whatever it was, it was pleasant to every man’s taste because in verse 31 we are told that the taste of it was like wafers made with honey. Some of us like plain cheese and others like the works (but I don't think sausage or pepperoni was on the Hebrew menu).  And we usually get pizza cheese sticks with marinara sauce and cinnamon sticks with sweet dipping sauces. We get a variety and I enjoy most of them. Each of us leaves the table fully satisfied.
So there you have it; Pizza Delivery from Heaven. Little, round, personal pan sized zas. What else could it be?  It's good!  It’s the perfect food. It's all I need to sustain my life and make me happy (although a little chocolate once in a while would be good.  Oh yeah, and some tortilla chips with salsa and some Coke Zero too).


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