Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yep! That's Me.

I am Baptist.  I self-identify as "reformed Baptist," although by definition, Baptists are not reformed because their roots were not in the Roman Catholic Church.  And those who are reformed don't recognize reformed Baptists as being truly reformed.  Never-the-less, I lean heavily in their direction on, what has been called,  the doctrines of Grace.  And it is primarily, those doctrines, that drove the reformers to part from the RCC in protest to its false doctrines hence the reformation.

Having said all that, I identify with the following characterization of Reformed folks.  Yep!  That's Me.

"Being Reformed is not cool. It never has been. It never will be. Reformed folks tend to be a bit persnickety about details. We make a point of not joining bandwagons or popular movements. We think Christian movies are stupid. We believe that God cares about how He is to be worshiped. We prefer Isaac Watts to Chris Tomlin. We like long and detailed confessions of faith. We believe that church governance ought to be inefficient and slow moving. If something works in business we automatically suspect that it is not good for the church. We believe sermons are more important than personal testimonies. We hate all the books on the Christian bestseller list. None of us (I mean NONE of us!) looks good in skinny jeans." 

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Grace to You said...

This was hilarious! Mostly because I agree with every bit of it. :)

I don't even know who Chris Tomlin is. :D