Thursday, November 6, 2014

NO Compromise

Compromise is always the demand of the left when they are losing and it is never a consideration when they are winning.  As long as His Majesty, the Irish King Barack Hussein O’bama was in control, with the aid of Dirty Harry and the majority of the Senate, and his crooked Attorney General, Eric Holder heading up the Department of Injustice, there was never any talk of or interest in compromising with anyone on the right.  Now that He has been beaten in the midterm elections and He is all alone against the Republican controlled House and Senate, the first thing He demands is compromise.

Does anyone really want compromise?  NO.  Would you trust someone whose integrity has been compromised or who is unreliable with the truth?  Would you compromise your faith with strange doctrines?  Of course not!  Compromise is a four-letter word.  Regardless what you have been taught, there is never anything good, noble, or desirable about compromise unless the concession only comes from the left (which by definition, is not compromise).  Compromise always benefits the wicked at the expense of damaging the good. It improves the bad by spoiling the pure.

"A little leaven leavens the whole lump."   Gal. 5:9

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