Saturday, November 8, 2014

Amusement Ministry: Reaching The Current Generation With Fun

“It goes without saying that trying to argue that cursing is legitimate under the umbrella of contextualization is as useless as wet toilet paper. It also frustrates me when those who are wet behind the ears in ministry strut around like a banty rooster with their chest puffed out thinking they have figured out a new improved way of doing things. Something that also sticks in my craw is when those in ministry act as if the only way to communicate to this current generation is with a dog and pony show. I think doing so is basically treating the average church goer as if they are as dumb as a mud fence. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. The problem is that I take this serious and will fight to the bitter end to defend the gospel. I can't sit back and take the, whatever floats your boat, approach to preaching of the Gospel."
 Scott Hill

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Pumice said...

This is just more evidence that the church is ignoring Romans 12:1-2 and conforming to the world. Public education has a Fun Mantra. It hasn't worked there either but it has allowed a lot of educators to avoid conflict.

Grace and peace.