Saturday, November 5, 2011

OccupyTogether.Org Gathers Momemtum In Hemet, CA.

I posted this account of all the Occupy Together activity that occurred last week at Gibbel Park in Hemet.  The demostration continued again today and is growing rapidly.  This time the crowd had increased by 50% (there were three people instead of just two).
The third participant held a sign demanding prison time for Bush and Cheney.

That's incredible but nothing like the event that took place a few days ago at Weston Park just a couple miles to the east.   It was scary.  Thousands of "them" invaded our quiet little town.  "They" are crazy and "they"were all over the park.  For the sake of safety, folks should stay off the streets whenever "they" are out demonstrating.

Posted below is the video coverage of Occupy Hemet by Allegro.

I think this is just the beginning of the invasion of the 99 cent stores.


Anonymous said...

No doubt about it. The Hemet OWS are force to be reckoned with. All 3 of them!!!

Daisy said...

UNITE, our 99 cent store actually sells things for .999 cents. That extra 9 hundredths adds up quick.