Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rural America Beware

It has been a long time since I have written to the POTUS.  Last week I read where he wants to assemble an unnamed committee to advise him about how government can help improve the lives of rural Americans


The nine most frightening words in the English language:  
"We're from the government and we're here to help."  
Ronald Reagan

Date:          June 11, 2011

To:             The President of the USA
                  1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  NW
                  Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. O,

Are you crazy or what?  You don’t need another advisory committee. They are too expensive, they waste way too much time, most of the pinheads who sit on committees don’t know squat about what they are advising, and government usually never listens to them anyway.

As for boosting the economic outlook and quality of life for 60 million people living in rural America, please, Please, PLEASE DON’T HELP. 

Better yet, appoint me.  That’s right, ME, Ralph M. Petersen.  I am volunteering to serve you as chairman of your committee.  AND I’LL DO IT FOR FREE.  I believe I can help you better than any of those other Bozos that you might pick because I know something about rural America that none of them (or you) understands.

RURAL AMERICANS DON’T WANT YOUR STINKIN’ HELP!  The reason they are in RURAL America is because they just want government to BUTT OUT and leave them alone.  They are hardworking, self-reliant, patriotic citizens who value their freedom more than any comfort or convenience that might exist in urban areas.  

 They want to enjoy their homes (that they have built or bought without your help), and they want to use their land and its resources (without government's permission, interference, and prohibitions).  They want to take care of their own (without the entrapments of government welfare and entitlements).  They want to protect themselves (because they know government cannot and will not) and they have the tools and ability to do it better anyway.   

As for education, they just want their children to learn to read and write and count and think and be respectful and respected and responsible.  They don't need the interference of a national education system with its failed policies.  And frankly sir, they really don't want their children to be subjected to a system that is bent on turning them into brainwashed, brain dead, metro-sexual, liberal haters of God, America, decency, and everything else that is good.

Seriously, there might be a benefit here for you if you let me be your committee chairman.  Think about it.  You will save a lot of taxpayers' money and you’ll have the opportunity to REALLY DO SOMETHING TO HELP 60 MILLION AMERICANS BY LEAVING THEM ALONE.  Who knows?  Then some of those conservative, good old boys (and gals) might just like you enough to re-elect you (well, that might be a stretch).

I am available (your policies have just about destroyed my livelihood anyway) to do my part to help you and my country any way I can.  You can contact me by email.  I’ll be anxiously waiting.

Sincerely and respectfully at your service,

Ralph M. Petersen     

Note:  Yes, as a matter of fact, I did mail this to the POTUS.  I have mailed ALL the letters to him that I have posted here under the label, "Letters To Obama," signed with my real name, address and phone number.

Since he has enlisted thousands of citizens and his own goons to "rat out" his critics, I have tried to make it easy on him.

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