Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Altar Calls

"We’ve got ten million southern Baptists who walked somebody’s aisle, and prayed somebody’s prayer and checked somebody’s card and raised their hand….we’ve got ten million of them that do not come to church.  And when they face Jesus one day, at the Judgement Bar, they’re going to quote some preacher…..’Well, Pastor said if I’d come to the front…I did that.  Pastor said if I prayed that prayer….I did that.’  Do you not realize that if you give the flesh a hoop to jump, the flesh will do it every time?  But one thing the flesh cannot do is cause your spirit to be born again."

- Jeff Noblit, The Spirit of God at Work in God’s Church, 6/5/11
From "On The Unbiblical Nature of Altar Calls"
as posted at Sola Sisters


Eddie Eddings said...

Great quote! I need to copy that in my Bible somewhere.

The Blainemonster said...

Bingo. Good stuff.

Corey P. said...


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... I know "I see that hand" is in the Bible somewhere.

Yes, sadly many found an easier way to "get folks saved" only they didn't really get many saved. They just stamped their approval on them like the pope of the RCC and innoculated them against the Truth.