Monday, May 4, 2009

Doing My Part To "GREEN" The Planet


Over thirty years ago, my wife and I determined to NOT purchase new cars; the instant depreciation seemed, to us, to be unwise. So we have saved thousands of dollars by purchasing used cars with low mileage and existing warranties.

However, I recently violated my own, self-imposed, rule and purchase a NEW vehicle. And no, I didn't finance it either; I paid cash in full. Actually, due to slumping sales, factory and dealer incentives, and a slowing economy, some new cars may be priced cheaper than late model used cars.

And I didn't get one of those sissified, "green" vehicles either. I got a real man's car. It is a Toyota FJ Cruiser and it gets about 16 miles per gallon and runs on premium grade gasoline. I am proud to do my part by buying more, higher priced gasoline that generates more tax revenue for my state (that’s called patriotism).

And, just to confuse all the earth-worshipping "green freaks," I have displayed this decal (from Glenn Beck's website) on the vehicle. Heh heh, that'll fool 'em. Or not; they probably won't get it (hydro-carbon power is really, just gasoline. Ha, ha).

Come to think of it though, my car emits carbon dioxide, and trees need carbon dioxide to thrive, so, I really am doing my part to feed the trees and green up the world, don't you agree? Now I feel really good about myself.


Daisy said...

Did you really buy that car? Wow, I'm impressed. We all want a ride. And we want you to really nail the gas so you'll probably only get about 8 miles to the gallon. Can we run over some protected California poppies while we are at it?

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

Yes, I really did buy it. I have been a long-time fan of Dodge and Jeep, and I really wanted to buy a Jeep. But, because of this government's interference with Chrysler and the irresponsible financial bailouts, I refuse to buy their products. Toyota is sound and profitable and they have great products.

The photos are from the Toyota brochure but the picture looks identical to mine (same color). The only difference is that mine has a great looking roof rack.

I have already applied my NRA decals to the windshield and rear window (thanks Barack for making it possible to join the NRA), and I have personalized it with a "NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION MEMBER" license plate frame and a couple rhino window decals.

My grandchildren are excited about it and my wife really likes it.