Thursday, May 21, 2009


Of COURSE there was a "values thing" going on.

No doubt in anyone's judgment; Adam is an incredible and versatile talent. He was mesmerizing every week. Compared to everyone else in the competition, he was in a league of his own --Exceptional talent, incredible range, vocal control, and style, and amazing versatility. Not only all that, but He is good-looking, likable, charismatic, charming, and seemingly humble. He was the apparent and presumed winner of the singing competition from the beginning.
The problem is, in spite of Simon's insistence each week that it was a "singing" competition, it ceased to be a singing competition when the judging was taken over by the fans. And the hundreds of thousands of idolmaniacs across the nation turned this from a "singing" competition to an "idol" competition.
And that's where the "values thing" got in the way of the "talent thing."
Call me weird, judgmental, or something worse but there's just something about guyliner, black nail polish, big black buttons on his ears and, his questionable or unorthodox sexuality that still turns off the majority of Americans.
If a wholesome, clean-cut guy like Kris showed up at my door to see my teenage daughter, I would be pleased. If someone looking like Adam was there, I'd probably run him off with a pitchfork. Other than that, I really liked him.


Ron Livesay said...

I don't follow this show, but I saw on the news before the final decision was in that if the more conservative-looking young man won it would prove a pro-Christian bias. That'll be the day.

Jason Robertson said...

thumbs up

Ellery said...

Yep, I'm biased. Yep, I do judge the book by its cover. If it looks wierd I will probably not pick it up. I maybe a little, "avoid the appearance of evil," but "better safe than sorry."

I have only seen one or two first season shows, maybe if I had seen more of them I would be a better person. Probably not.