Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rhino Briefs (Mar. 1-7)

Some of this week's fun, funny, and sometimes relevant highlights from other Well-Meaning Bloggers With Different Ideas.

  • This is outrageous! But I am somewhat confused by the conflicted reasoning. Abortion is good; murder is bad? Go figure!

  • How to tell if you are an Arminian. So Spricht der HERR has this fun list of Bad Advise For Arminians that could be cleverly reworded in the style of the,“you might be a redneck,” jokes.

  • Do you want God to make you rich? Junker Jorge gives us the magic formula here according to the cult of the Word of Faith Movement.

  • Eddie Eddings offers this Startling Revelation at Facets of Grace.

  • Phil Johnson, in his blogpost, As One Having Authority announces the subject of his address to the 2009 Shepherds Conference. Using Titus 2:7-8, he skillfully denounces the growing practice of pulpiteers who insist that sleazy and course language is a necessary tool of contextualization to be relevant.
    About Phil’s sermon, Underdog Theology rightly observes that, “If you howl like the world, then perhaps you might be a wolf yourself.”

  • Watcher’s Lamp asks the question, "Will The Purpose Driven/Best Life Now Religion Pass This Test?" Well, what if God loves you and has a HORRIBLE plan for your life? Maybe the first of the Four Spiritual Laws should be, “God created you and has a sovereign plan for your life.”

  • And finally, at, in his post, Rush Rattles Obama The Whiner's Cage, Doug Giles says, “I would rather bikini wax a sensitive and livid grizzly sow than be a “tolerant bipartisan” toward the bloated government, pro-death, anti-free market, crap on traditional values, socialism squared, nanny state policies Obama has floated in the last few days.”

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