Friday, March 20, 2009

Bowling, Disabilities, Leno, and Foot In Mouth Disease

March 20, 2009

Dear Mr. President:

Once again, I want to thank you for the tax refund. I just got my second bi-monthly paycheck with just under $35.00 more than my previous checks. And as I promised you in my earlier letter, I have made another important and meaningful contribution.

This time the $35.00 was sent to the National Republican Trust (PAC). You see, March 31 is coming up soon. Do you know what is special about March 31? Well that is my daughter’s birthday and it is also her husband’s birthday. But there is something else that is special about March 31 this year. That is the date of a very important special election in the 20th District of the State of New York. Polls now show that the Republicans actually have a good chance of winning that Congressional seat with their conservative candidate, Jim Tedisco. So this time around, I figured the best gift I could give my children is one that would irritate and frustrate Nancy, Harry, and you all at once and possibly accomplish some resistance to your dangerous liberal plans to change America as we know it. Thanks again, my contribution wouldn’t have been possible without you.

On another unrelated topic, I’m not going to criticize you for your careless, inane "Special Olympics" comment on Jay Leno’s show about your bowling score; after all, we all make foolish slips from time to time. Mr. Shriver was satisfied that your apology was sincere and that you meant no harm so that is good enough for me. I share your heart-felt appreciation that “the Special Olympics is a wonderful program that gives an opportunity for people with disabilities from around the world.”

And, Mr. Obama, I wanted you to know that there is another great program that gives tremendous opportunities to people with disabilities. It’s called the national presidential election.


Ralph M. Petersen


Jayson Finley in Lacos said...

What would the media have done if Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Laura Ingraham, or any other conservative had made the stupid comment about the Special Olympics? The answer is obvious.

Anonymous said...

To borrow a phrase from Clarence Thomas, it would have been "a high tech lynching."

momof5hix said...

From your son-in-law:
In light of the gift that I will be receiving from my father-in-law, I too will give generously to the National Republican Trust. What better way to thank a president that believes he should give our tax money to others, than to give it right back! Happy birthday to me! Thanks, Ralph!

Daisy said...

Tap, tap, tap. If I ever see the increase in my husband's paycheck, I'll be more than happy to contribute to the cause.

I'll probably buy yard signs. We have our fight cut our for us with the May 19th CA vote for 5 million more taxes.