Wednesday, October 1, 2008

There Is Only ONE Right Candidate To Vote For This November

Who would have thought a year ago that most conservatives would actually be excited about the possibility of electing John McCain for president. At best he is a moderate but the alternative is unthinkable. Barack Obama is a true "Lefty."

Some people call McCain a "RINO" (Republican In Name Only). Rush Limbaugh coined a new term that I think is more appropriate -"Jello Republicans".

What choice do we really have? There are NO CONSERVATIVE candidates in this coming election - until now.

Finally a true conservative has emerged. His offer to help was rejected by the Republicans and he was totally ignored by the Democrats.

Now, through a grassroots movement that is sweeping across America, this unknown TRUE CONSERVATIVE is capturing the hearts of the people and making national news.

Check out this short video clip. Take my word for it; this is really the ONE to vote for.

Always Right; Sometimes Wrong

My name is Ralph Petersen and I approve of this message.


Daisy said...

LOL. You can't really tell me you WANT that job? You'd never make it. You have morals.

Anonymous said...

That video is a crack up.