Thursday, October 16, 2008

Eyes Wide Shut Worship Music (Repost)

“The aim and final reason for all music should be nothing else but the glory of God and the refreshment of the spirit.” Johann Sebastian Bach 1685 – 1750

I have always enjoyed singing so I was naturally attracted to Christian music when God saved me. That was during the revolutionary and prolific time of the Gaithers and Ralph Carmichael.

It was in those days that I was first asked by our music pastor to sing a solo for a Sunday evening service. I picked a Ralph Carmichael song that had a nice, catchy melody and was heavy on warm-fuzzy sentiment; it was sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

When I told my music pastor what I was going to sing, he firmly informed me that I could not sing that song in our church. He explained that there were some doctrinal problems with it. At the time, I thought he was a bit overly stuffy but, nevertheless, I submitted to his leadership and chose another "approved" song.

I am thankful now for that kind of pastoral leadership in our church then. Those were the days when even the music in the church was a matter of pastoral oversight. That is what pastoral leadership is required to do; to guard the doctrinal purity and the truth of the Word communicated whether it is spoken, written or sung.  As it turns out, he was right and I was young and lacking in wisdom and discernment.

The Church needs more of that kind of pastoral leadership to teach people what is right and appropriate when it comes together for corporate worship. Sadly, too many modern churches have removed the responsibility of music from the pastors and relegated it to praise and worship leaders, many of whom lack sufficient understanding of doctrine or true biblical praise or worship, but who are skilled at leading the congregation in, as one person has described it, “mindless eyes-closing, body-swaying, being-moved-by-the-pretty-tune singing.”



Daisy said...

Amen! And unfortunatly, when that oversight is not present, the music in a church slowly degenerates. When my then seven year old leaned over and asked me why that woman was sitting in that man's lap while singing Santa Baby AT OUR CHURCH'S CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, we had a Holy Spirit conviction moment. It saddens me to even write that now.

Anonymous said...

You just don't understand how important those 7-11 songs (7 words, sing them 11 times) are to true worship. long as the song makes me feel good, who cares about doctrinal purity? Truth is a bit overrated, anyway. "If if feels good, its alright."