Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spiritual Seduction

How can you recognize when your pastor, church, or leadership is being deceived and seduced into accepting another gospel by the spirit of our new age?

Pastor Morris Brooks has enumerated the following fifteen key indicators in his post, The Seducing Spirit of Our Age at his blog, Pressing On:

  1. When "evangelism" takes priority over theology
  2. When confrontation is traded for comfort
  3. When results are more important than truth
  4. When sin is defined as poor choices, bad decisions, falling down, failure, or having problems
  5. When requiring commitment is exchanged for providing convenience
  6. When preaching and teaching is replaced by speaking and conversation
  7. When pastorisms are substituted for Scripture
  8. When doing what's right gives in to doing what works
  9. When fellowship becomes community
  10. When the sacred becomes like the secular
  11. When being relevant is more important than being righteous
  12. When being distinct gives way to accommodation
  13. When book studies replace Bible studies
  14. When our focus is all about life change instead of saving faith in Christ
  15. When worship becomes man-centered entertainment instead of God-focused exaltation

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Anonymous said...

This is probably just a rewording of some of the 15 points, but here is another one: "When opinion and 'feeling comfortable' replace truth."