Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Holy Heretical Resurrection Day Happycrap

File this one under RESURRECTION HERESY.

Easter Sunday has been deemed the "Superbowl of Sundays." It is the one Sunday of the year when millions of heathens go to church in hopes that God will be pleased with their "sacrifices."

Did you attend a sunrise service or go to church on Easter morning?  If so, I trust you heard a great gospel message about how the Lord Jesus Christ, was crucified for our sins, buried, sealed in a tomb, and then rose triumphantly from the dead according to the Scriptures.

I hope that is the message you heard because so many people need to hear it.  I hope the minister handled the Word of God responsibly.  I hope he told you the truth; “He is not here.  He is risen, just as He said.  Hallelujah!”

Well, there is, at least, one poor sapsucker who was severely cheated and misguided.  He was a guest on a local radio talk show here in Riverside County.  Here is a brief paraphrase of his synopsis of the sermon he heard at Mass on Easter Sunday: 
The message of death and resurrection was very encouraging and uplifting.  We are all dying; in fact, we all die a little bit at a time every day.  The message of the resurrection is that, in spite of how badly things are going and how low we feel, we can, and we all need to rise up.  That’s what I got from the sermon.

Other than “holy happycrap," I’m not sure what other adjectives I might use to describe that sermon and the heretic who delivered it, without using potty mouth expletives.

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