Thursday, April 21, 2016

Beware of Elephants Bearing Gifts and Wearing Suicide Bomber Vests.

I'm man enough to admit when I am wrong; I apologize for accusing the Democrat Party of being evil and I repent for calling the Republican Party stupid.

I don't think any Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, or any other brand of leftist is inherently evil. I don't think they really intend any harm. I believe they mean well. I believe they envision a great, global society of peace, tolerance and egalitarianism. The only problem is that every place and in every time it has ever been tried, IT HAS FAILED. So lefties are not evil they are just STUPID because they don't want to be bothered with facts; they have made up their minds and they refuse to learn from history or experience.

On the other hand, the Republican Party establishment (that Grand Old Party) is NOT stupid (that would be excusable); it is deliberately deceitful and destructive. They have been lying to us for a couple generations. They have been trying to assure us that they are doing all they can to resist and obstruct the left. They have promised that, if we give them majorities, they would uphold our constitution and protect our freedoms when, in fact, they are leading us down the same old daisy-lined, happy-crap path to totalitarianism that is embraced by their lefty cronies. They are NOT the conservative party; In fact, the Republican establishment HATES conservatives.  When conservatives find their way into the party, they are either bought or destroyed. Republicans are self-serving and shrewd in their planned destruction of our republic. Like the lefties, I think they really believe that their actions are in our best interest. But unlike the left, They KNOW it has never worked in the past; they're just arrogant enough to think that they can do it better and make it work this time. That's why the Republican Party is NOT stupid. IT IS EVIL.

Conservatives have been sold out. We thought the Republicans were our friends.  By the time our next presidential election rolls around, our constitutional republic may be on life support or, worse yet, a dead relic of history. Obama may be America's last president. We may soon wake up to find a monarch in the White House, our property confiscated, our money devalued, and our freedoms gone; something the left has been trying to do all along. But it looks like all they really needed to do was just sit back and wait for the Republican Party to self-destruct.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Well said! The only difference between the GOP and the Demokrats is that the Demokrats are MORE evil with their socialist and rank immoral ideologies.

NotMister said...

I am precinct committee member for our local GOP, I was disgusted at the games and mockery of the whole system. It was a shame to watch the so called leaders not following the rules. The whole process is corrupt from the bottom up. There is no fixing it when the crumbs are leaders and you are right it will fail sooner than later