Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ten Truisms of Calvinism

Ten Calvinism Truisms (according to me).

1.              John Calvin didn’t invent Calvinism.
2.              John Calvin didn’t invent the TULIP acronym.
3.              The five points of Calvinism as stated in the TULIP acronym are stupid, confusing, divisive, and overly simplified summaries of the biblical doctrine of God’s election.  A better summation would be The Doctrines of Grace.
4.              Calvinism is not a religion or a denomination.
5.              Calvinism is not a complete theological system.
6.              Calvinism is NOT synonymous with “reformed.”
7.              All protestant churches are reformed churches but not all reformed churches are protestant churches.
8.              John Calvin was not theologically sound or doctrinally correct on everything.
9.              All TRUE Christians are Calvinists (many of them just don’t know it yet).

10.          I am a Calvinistic Baptist so, by definition, I am not a protestant.    I am reformed in the sense that I believe the biblical doctrines of the sufficiency of scripture, salvation of the elect by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone and all to the Glory of God alone.   

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