Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ron Paul Cheated By GOP Corruption In Athens Clarke County, Georgia

The person with the most votes wins.  Well that's the way its supposed to work.  But apparently the GOP thinks it should be, "The person we decide to get the most votes wins. 

I am not a Ron Paul fan.  There have been and are other men and women whom I prefer over the good doctor.

Regardless of my preferences, I have always determined to cast all 7 of my votes for the Republican nominee.  If that man is Ron Paul he will get my 7 votes.  Conversely I figured I would take a deep breath, hold my nose and go kicking and screaming to cast my votes for the pro-abortion, anti second amendment, big government medical care promoting RINO, Mith Romney if he were the last man standing.

Well not any more!  After watching the way the GOP abused its members in Georgia last week, I am now planning to mark all 7 of my votes for Dr. Ron Paul in the general election in November unless
the GOP does some serious housekeeping.  The people have a right to fair, lawful election proceseses.

We have come to expect fraud, corruption, voter intimidation, and undemocratic election stealing from the left.  The GOP had better wake up.  We the people will not continue to support the party if the party is indistinguishable from the Democrat party.  We are tired of all this inside-the-beltway, good-old-boys, elite crony crap.

We may be unsophisticated, uneducated, uncouth, and untoothed but we still have our pitchforks, our guns, and our votes.  So listen up GOP, if you want my votes for your party's nominee, expose this corruption and fix this problem in Athens Clarke County.  You need to get with us or get lost.

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