Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Irrelevance of Relevance-Seekers

"A ministry that God honors maintains the biblical distinction between the world and the church which is called out from the world."
"Those Christians who seek to make Christ and His Church more attractive to unbelievers by appealing to them in the natural state of their lostness—by seeking to woo them by fleshly and superficial means—implicitly regard themselves and their methodologies as more glorious than Christ Himself. If unbelievers hate Jesus as He’s presented in Scripture, and if they regard the Apostles as fools for their message, but they like us, it may be because we’re more like them than like our Savior."

Mike Riccardi

Posted at The Cripplegate

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Pumice said...

I wish that the people who believe this would get more vocal. We seem to have totally perverted Romans 12:1-2 and made the perversion our standard.

Thanks for the link.

Grace and peace.