Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't Give TULIPs To People Who Hate Flowers

I asked my friend, "Do you believe in the sovereignty of God?"

He said, "Yes, I do!"

I asked, "Do you believe He is sovereign in all things?"

He said, "Of course He is."

I asked, "But do you really, really believe that He is absolutely sovereign in everything?"

He said, "Yes!  He is sovereign in everything."

Then I asked him, "Do you believe God sovereign in salvation?"

He said, "Well, to an extent."

And that's when the argument started.

"Calvinism" seems to start a lot of arguments.  In my community, it has just recently caused a church split.  In another church, a visiting family attended for several weeks until they "found out" that the pastor was a "Calvinist."

Why recite the five points of the TULIP when you can just recite the Word of God?

In this post, Michael Acidri boldly declares biblical Truth from the Word of God without tiptoeing through the TULIPs.  End of argument.


Pumice said...

Actually it is the sovereignty of God which makes me an Arminian. I accept that fact that He can choose to give me the grace to choose.

But that is okay. My old KJV may have it wrong but it seems to say that "whosoever believeth" not "whosoever is given belief."

You know of course that TULIPs don't grow very well in Southern California.

Grace and peace.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Post...