Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Every Family Has Them

"Ok, I'll go ahead and say it--I know that being a conservative is not a requirement for being a Christian. I totally understand that. Still, I have no idea how anyone who claims to be a Christian can vote Democrat. Period.

"To me, Democrat-voting christians are not brothers/sisters in Christ. They're more like 2nd cousins once removed in Christ. You know, like the relatives that show up at the family reunion all liquored up who go up to sing some karaoke but can't see the lyrics on the screen so they decide to freestyle rap? You can't say they're not family but you don't want to admit to knowing them? Democrat voting christians are like that."

Comment by Joe Blackmon on the blog post, "The Mind of a Liberal...Courtesy of Nancy Pelosi" at Just After Sunrise.   Used with permission.


Anonymous said...

That was definitely a brilliant quote.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I can't understand how those who profess to be Christian can vote for a party whose platform calls for all that is unholy and ungodly. TO vote for a member of such a party means giving support and sanction to homosexuality, redefining marriage, murder of the unborn, sexual immorality in general, support of Islam against Christianity, theft (redistribution of wealth), etc, etc, etc.