Thursday, January 21, 2010

OK So I'm NOT The Conservative I Thought I Was.

I found this survey posted by Stan at Just After Sunrise.

It is very interesting and informative (and revealing).  I always thought I was a conservative.  According to the survey, I am a Libertarian with strong anarchistic ideas.

It's true; I generally despise government although I do believe that government is ordained by God and charged with SPECIFIC AND LIMITED RESPONSIBILITIES.

On their performance in those limited responsibilities, I give them a D-.  On their successful meddling and intrusion into our lives, I give them an A+.  Maybe that's why I have such a bad attitude.

Anyway, go to Stan's Blog to find the survey.  It's a simple, 10 question multiple choice format with instant results.

The little yellow star indicates where I am on the survey results.

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