Monday, January 25, 2010

John McCain Should Quit For The Sake Of The Republican Party

All of a sudden John has been banging his fist on the podium and sounding like a conservative with real conservative convictions.  He seems to have grown some steel cajones.

I think that is too little too late.  Had he acted this way before the election, he might have won.  But John, the RINO (Republican In Name Only), throughout the campaign, always seemed to want to apologize for Obama and be his friend.  For most of us, we held our noses when we cast our votes and we only voted, reluctantly, because of Sarah Palin.

Now, Sarah Palin has agreed to stump for him in his bid for reelection in 2010.  That's good for the Rino but it really disappoints me.  It is a kind and generous gesture by Sarah but I think it is a mistake that might hurt her.

And, just a couple days after Sarah's announcement of her support for the Rino, his wife launches a full frontal attack on decency in defiance of the majority of Californians with this.   Whoa!  That's really got to hurt.

And then to further insult his base, after a landmark victory for conservatives, the Rino himself whines about this.

And now a new player has just entered the race.  J. D. Hayworth announced that he will run against John McCain for the Republican seat.  It's too bad he won't have Sarah's support.

Don't be fooled; John McCain is still a RINO.   He should show some kindness to Sarah Palin and help the Republican party by announcing his retirement.

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