Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rhino Briefs (Feb. 22-28)

Some of this week's fun and funny highlights from other Well-Meaning Bloggers With Different Ideas.

  • So what if evil enemies attacked our nation? Do we still have the tenacity to survive? Or are we now a nation of wimps who will just roll over and give up? Thomas Sowell, suggests that America may be on A Fatal Trajectory.
  • What kind of a god are we peddling? Dan Phillips, in this post at Pyromaniacs, laments that, too often, “what the church does…is to try to repackage God, as if he were yesterday's widget, and sell Him as useful. I wish I could say this is seldom done, but you'd know I was lying. I've seen books, I've heard sermons, I've seen ads that present God as the best way to get what we want, to achieve our dreams, and as the ultimate Enabler of our agendas.This is the god of Balak, the god who can be manipulated into serving our desires. The god of paganism.”
  • “Brevity is the soul of wit” and Daisy’s comment about Obama’s speech this week says it best, “All I can say is a spoon full of sugar does NOT help the baloney go down any easier.” The Laurel Wreath
  • The Mom Song is available again. The You Tube video was a great hit for a couple days until it was pulled for copyright protection. Now, it is back up and running again and the lyrics appear on screen. Everything moms say in a twenty-four day condensed down to under three minutes. This is hilarious fun.

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