Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did Chuck Schumer Really Say That?

Did He Really Say That? Please tell me I didn't hear what I though I heard. Chuck Schumer said that Americans don't care about pork in the Stimulus Plan.

So Here is my very first (and probably not my last) letter to Chuck Schumer.

First of all, Chucky Baby, I DO care about all the pork in this SPENDulus plan.

Second, If you are insulted by my disrespectfulness in calling you Chucky Baby, then pay attention. I am insulted by the way you tried to trivialize and ridicule those of us who are opposed to this massive and insane giveaway by referring to it as having a little "porky" stuff in it.

One more thing, IT'S NOT YOUR MONEY!!!

1 comment:

Daisy said...

I used to like BLT's and always made room for a little bacon in the budget. However, now I'm eating nothing but beans cause the government is stealing all my pork funds.

I wish I was joking.