Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rhino Briefs (Feb. 14-21)

Some of this week's fun and funny highlights from other Well-Meaning Bloggers With Different Ideas.

  • Ellery at Trail Boss has an interesting conspiracy theory about how the stimulus plan might have been purposefully designed to suck his blood.

  • Eddie Eddings at Facets of Grace in a quote by John Macarthur shows that a certain proof of error is when people demand tolerance.

  • A really funny cartoon by Eddie at Calvinistic Cartoons illustrates how we can be obnoxious with grace.

  • Stan McCullars graphically illustrates the hypocrisy of the lefty lunatics who are outraged at comparing their new anointed king to an ape.

  • What do you get when you mix Christianity and Islam and sprinkle it with a dash of charismania? See the video at A Little Leaven.

  • Defending Contending features a short video clip showing how one church’s pastors will do anything (except preach the gospel) to get people to come to church.

  • And, finally, I cheered when I watch this CNBC video of Rick Santelli’s Rant of the Year.


Anonymous said...

I am proud to be considered among Well-Meaning Bloggers With Different Ideas.

Ellery said...

My wife moaned at that post. Thanks for nod.