Friday, January 30, 2009

WARNING: Christian Book Store Ahead!

"...there ought to be a sign posted in every Christian bookstore that reads, “The views expressed in these books do not necessarily express the views of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Voddie Baucham


Daisy said...

I absolutely agree. Hubby and I have stopped going to our local Christian bookstore. Their selection is pretty much limited to heretics or heathens. Tough choice deciding between some secular pg13 rated movie or My Best Life Now. Hmmmm, I think I'll pass.

Sage would chuckle every time he'd go in there because it always reminded him of the Museum of Idolatry.

And the sad question? Why are Christians buying all that junk? Are Christians so dense that all you have to do it spray a book with Jesus perfume and they'll buy it?

Eddie Eddings said...

Years ago I noticed the "downgrade" when the local Christian bookstore suddenly had a Roman Catholic section. Then they relabeled the Theology section as "Reference". Later, they didn't even stock solid theological volumes. But, "Christian fiction" took up several shelves! Reminds me of the Religion section in a public library where they will place "The Passover Plot" next to a book by R.C. Sproul!

Mark Pierson said...

You don't need to go to "christian" bookstores to find all this junk. Look around in church libraries.

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

I called a Christian book store this week to see if they had a copy of "Deceived On Purpose" in stock. They do not. They ordered it for me; it'll be in next week. I guess they didn't have enough room on their shelves with all the 40 day junk and other assorted Purpose Drivel.

But seriously, it is a retail business and the owners stock what feels good and what sells. If there is no market for their product, they can't remain in business. This is really an indictment on the failure of churches and pastors to teach their people truth and protect them from error.

I remember years ago, when my pastor stood before the congregation and identified by name, a popular "christian" book and then warned us about the danger of the heresy. We don't hear much of that any more.

Ron Livesay said...

Scripture Truth Book Company in Virginia is a good source for Bibles and Christian books. I have been ordering from them, on and off, since I was a college student, and that has been a while. I am sure they probably have their share of heresy and touchy-feely nonsense, but they do carry a large selection of excellent books, including titles by Arthur Pink, John MacArthur, John Piper, John Owen, etc.