Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Longer "Above HIS Paygrade"

My Second Letter To HIM

Dear Mr. President,

Back in August, 2008, in front of God and everyone, Rick Warren asked you a question, "At what point does a baby get human rights?"

That really wasn’t a very complex question; most people, regardless of their political or religious beliefs, could readily and simply answer it one way or another.

Do you remember your answer? A lot of us will never forget it. You ducked the question with this non answer, "That's above my pay grade."

Well maybe an answer to that question was above your paygrade as a U.S. senator (after all, most senators aren’t very bright and we really don’t expect much from them) but you sir, are now the president of the United States of America and it is no longer above your paygrade.

And apparently, now you do know the answer to the question. By your recent executive order to reverse the abortion funds ban I guess you have decided that there really are some babies who are not worthy of human rights. Your positions on legally protecting the abilities of some people to cause the violent extermination of their babies simply because of inconvenience or preference are despicable.



Daisy said...

I had a friend who called the White House this week and let them know just want she thought of them lifting the ban on funding overseas abortions. She told them she considers it an act of aggression. That in funding overseas abortions we are waging a silent war against those countries by killing their future. Wow! I had definitely never thought of it that way. The gal who answered the White House phone was dead silent.

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

Wow, that is a sobering perspective. It is also interesting to note that much of that funding will go to Africa to *kill black babies.

(*Note, I do not believe in anesthetizing the language with a bunch of P.C. talk. Abortion is a violent and torturous act of murder against a helpless baby.)

Jayson Finley in Lacos said...

Both common sense and any level of wisdom are above his paygrade, even if he is president.

Anonymous said...

You post this stuff on your blog but I bet you don’t have the guts to really send it to the president.

like it or not Mr. Obama is the president so get over it.

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

Dear Anonymous,

As for “guts,” I have more than you. I do not hide my identity or use a pseudonym in this blog. Unlike cowards like you, who throw bombs at people while hiding behind the tag, “Anonymous,” I stand behind, and ascribe my name to every one of my ideas and opinions.

I have posted on this blog, only two letters that I have written to President Obama and a couple that I wrote to his campaign prior to the election and in each case, I sent them by email or first class mail via the U.S. Postal Service.

My name is Ralph M. Petersen and I approve of this comment.

Anonymous said...

Another Anony-wuss. Oh, brother.

As for Obama's paygrade... amazes me that he can't determine when life is worthy of his protection but he has no problem taxing you, me, and others to pay for abortions when we (rightly) consider the dismemberment of babies to be murder.


Roger Gilstrap said...

It is amazing that we have some new oxymorons. The old standbys are things like square circle, jumbo shrimp, plastic glasses, appear invisible - you know - words that just don't go together and are a contradiction in terms. The new ones (or at least somewhat new), make even less sense - President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Reid. Now those are really laughable.

Jayson Finley in Lacos said...

Intelligence Test for Voting

Please answer each question “yes” or “no.” For each “yes” answer, subtract the number of points listed by the question. Start with 100 and subtract all the points you earn. Needed to be eligible to vote: Minimum of 95 of 100.

1. Are you a Democrat? (-50)
2. Did you vote for Obama? (-50)
3. Did you vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary? (-50)
4. Did you vote for Bill Clinton (-50)
5. Did you vote for Al Gore? (-100)
6. Did you vote for John Kerry (-200)
7. Did you vote for Jimmy Carter? (-10,000)
8. Do you believe that that killing businesses with higher taxes is the best way to get out of a recession? (-250)
9. Do you believe that knowing when life begins is “above your pay grade?” (-10,000,000,000)
10. Have you ever voted for any Democrat? (-5)

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

The definition of an oxy moron is an idiot who whent to Occidental College. That's Obama, so it is fitting that you included him in your list.

Roger Gilstrap said...

Dear Anony Mouse: Some things we accept as God's will, or at least as God giving us what we deserve. To say "get over it" is to ask people to accept the situation. Should the faithful prophets in the Old Testament have just accepted the idolatry of the people by just "getting over it?"