Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My First Letter To President Obama: Disappointment And Broken Promises

Dear Mr. President,

Here we are at the end of DAY ONE.
I have three observations and a question.
  • Our warm sunny days in southern California are over. The clouds began to gather early today and the skies grew darker. The temperatures are cooling. It looks like rain is coming.

  • The price of gas rose 6 cents in six hours at my regular gas station.

  • I checked my bank account today and I still don't have any money. Where is my share of the wealth?

Sincerely Yours,


Daisy said...

Actually, they took money out of your bank account and sent it to ACORN. He owes them big, doncha know?

Jayson Finley from Lacos said...

When is the last time the DOW went down over 300 points on the day of a presidential inauguration? Some have been calling it the "Obama Recession" since before the election.

Anonymous said...

To get your share of the wealth Obama will just up the taxes so that he can get it to you. :)

As I have heard it put in the past, Socialism is just Communism in kiddy gloves.