Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There Really Is A God

This Proves It!


Daisy said...

That is Amazing!! We are all just sitting here in awe.

Buffalo Man said...

Planes with one wing can't fly...but then again, bumble bees can't fly, either.

Anonymous said...

According to Snopes, it's a fake.

It's still a very cool video.

Eddie Eddings said...

WOW! It gives the old cliche, "On a wing and a prayer" a lot more significance!

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

You're right; I knew it was a fake but it sure is an awesome video clip.

Snopes.com is an excellent resource that I use to verify almost everything people send me by email. "Prove all things." I Thess. 5:21

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Ralph,

That's a great video of the plane.... and I've seen a stunt pilot fly like that but with both wings. Look closely at the plane as it just lands, white strip above bottom reddish stripe is missing until plane turns and then white strip returns. Great photoshop! There is an Israeli F-16 with it's right wing shot off and the pilot doesn't know it and lands the plane. I'll try and find the video.

Anonymous said...

OK, I was wrong... it was a mid-air accident with an F-15, but it's still great!

watch it here:


Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

Wow! Thanks Jess, that truly is amazing.