Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unborn Babies Or Inconvenient Tissue Mass?

I’m sure Barack Obama loves his daughters. And I would bet my right arm that he and his wife looked forward to their safe arrivals with great love and affection when they were yet unborn babies in the womb.

So how does one reconcile that with his convenient fuzziness on the definition and beginning of human life? In the wake of his recent weaseling that, the answer to that question is “above my paygrade,” suddenly Michael Dukakis appears at the 2008 Democrat Convention.

That is kinda spooky. It was déjà vu. My mind immediately went racing back 20 years to the 1988 election campaign. Michael Dukakis couldn't give straight answers either. Liberals love to have their cake and eat it too but you can’t have it both ways. A baby is either a baby or its not. The definition is not malleable depending on one’s emotional affinity to it and real leaders should take a definite stand on issues rather than sticking their wet fingers into the air to determine which way the winds of public opinion are blowing.

I recalled a cartoon I clipped and filed back then. I had forgotten about it until last night and went to my file to find it. It is admittedly a little crude (maybe offensive) but it drives the hard point. Here it is. The man pictured at the podium is Michael Dukakis.

I wonder what Dukakis' 20 year old grandchild would think about this today?

reprinted from THE CHRISTIAN NEWS Sept. 5, 1988

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