Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rick Warren's Uncivil Attacks on Uncivility

So, according to this interview by Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic Magazine, Rick Warren finds the blogosphere uncivilized? And he implies that he intends to restore civility to those who “sit behind screens” to “demonize” him. Well, that’s a shocker! But do any of us really care what Rick Warren thinks about our blogging or our civility?

Give me a break! Were Rick Warren and his willing accomplice and cohort Dan Southerland, being civil when they “demonized those who criticize their unbiblical practices as leaders from hell? Was he civil when they referred to them as resisters, obstructionist, and troublemakers? Is it civil to instruct their stealth change agents to marginalize, vilify, slander, and drive out those who desire to be faithful to the Word of God? Was Rick Warren civil when he said that those people either need to “leave or die?” Was Rick Warren civil to say that those who hold dear and insist on fundamental, biblical doctrines are legalistic and narrow?

Jim over at Watcher's Lamp insightfully wonders, “Is there any relationship to Warren's implied intention to civilize the blogosphere and the recent (uncivilized) shutting down of a Christian ministry website that is critical of Rick Warren's theology?

Rick Warren’s implied intention to restore civility is not just a veiled threat. That is typical of liberalism in general and should come as no surprise when liberal thinking or theology occurs in the Christian community or the local church. They must never allow opposing arguments. If they cannot defend themselves on substance or principle or Truth, they employ whatever uncivil methods they have at their disposal to shut the mouths of their critics. We see that at work in politics and the media; liberals are constantly and desperately attempting to enact hate speech legislation and fairness doctrines in order to silence conservative opposition.

So, Mr. Warren, here’s a little allegorical illustration for you to understand about the “body.” The hands might see fit to shovel a bunch of poison into the mouth. The eyes might look on it with delight. The lips may be willing receivers; the tongue might relish it with enjoyment and the teeth may readily chew it up. But poison is poison regardless how good it tastes and, when it hits the gut, it makes the body sick and sometimes the stomach throws up the whole stinking mess. Now that may not sound very civil, but God designed it that way for the protection of the body.

As “America’s Pastor” Rick Warren has some accountability to America’s Christians and we are all called to be watchful; to guard The Truth; to earnestly contend for The Faith. We are to examine every teaching and philosophy in the Light of Scripture. We are exhorted to resist and correct those who teach and practice error or mark them and separate ourselves from them.


Stan McCullars said...


Rick Warren is the perfect picture of marshmallow Christianity. I have no idea what that means but it sure sounds right. He's all puffed up and has nothing healthy to offer.

Anonymous said...

wow! Nice allegory. Most of the time we "stomachs" really get a bad rap for throwing up the poison.