Friday, July 11, 2008

The Rhinoceros and The Dromedary

A thirsty Rhinoceros, having to his great joy encountered a Dromedary in the desert of Sahara, besought the latter animal of his mercy to give him a drink, but the Dromedary refused, stating that he was holding the fluid for an advance. 

"Why," said he to the Rhinoceros,"did you not imitate my forethought and prudence, and take some heed to the morrow?" 

The Rhinoceros acknowledged the justice of the rebuke. Some time afterward he met, in an oasis, the Dromedary who had realized at the turn of the market and was now trying to cover his shorts. 

"For Heaven's sake," he gasped to the Rhinoceros, who was wallowing in the midst of a refreshing pool, "trust me for a nip." 

"When I was thirsty," replied the Rhinoceros, "you declined to stand the drinks, but I will give you a horn." 

So saying, he let the grateful sunlight into the Dromedary's innards.

Moral: Virtue is its own reward.
from Project Gutenburg ebooks

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