Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More of Algore's Symbolism Over Substance

“Gore’s new climate-change campaign calls itself ‘We,’ as in ‘’ But its focus is not on how We can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions now. No, it focuses on how We can tell others how They should think about global warming. We’s focus is not on what We can do to reduce emissions, but what We can do to get Them to walk and talk in lockstep with the crowd. So when you click on ‘We are Succeeding,’ you don’t read about how entire towns have begun to carpool or that Hollywood biggies are giving up private jets to save the planet. No. For the most part, success is tallied by a convert count. As in: ‘Thousands Urge the Press to Ask Questions on Global Warming,’ ‘Stunning Response to Calls for a Global Treaty,’ ‘State Department Feels Public Pressure in Run-Up to Climate Conference.’ Then again, the global warming movement always has been more about symbols and professing belief than results.”

Debra Saunders
Patriot Post

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