Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Voice Weighs In On True Spiritual Worship

Mike Ratliff posted this great item titled, "Spiritual Worship" on his blog at Possessing The Treasure. It is a good description of true, biblical worship with a personal insight into his own struggles with a confused church that had slipped into a man-centered kind of "Feel Good" Worship.

"Nearly two years ago my wife and I left our old church because the leadership there began the processes to change it to the Purpose Driven Church model. There were warning signs that something was not quite right well over a year earlier. For instance, some couples had left the church because they wanted less “frivolous worship” and more Biblical preaching. About that time the Pastor created care groups. Each of the Deacons was given families to care for. There is nothing wrong with that, but when I began calling those in my group I came across some of those families which had left. They were nice to me when I called, but firmly told me that they weren’t coming back. I asked the Pastor what was going on. He told me that those folks wanted “only Hymns” and no “Contemporary” music. I looked at him and suggested that perhaps we could have both. He just shook his head and said that nothing could be done and that I should just cross them off my list."
Mike Ratliff

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Kerry said...

The same thing happened at a churh my wife and I formerly attended.

I don't think many of these pastors give due consideration to the heartache such actions might cause.