Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Whatever!

The Patriot Post coined this word, "Christmahanakwamadan," a few years ago, in sarcastic response to the Politically Correct freaks, nuts and other assorted whack-jobs who demand "inclusive" greetings. They insist the word "Christmas" is too ethnocentric, or sectarian for corporate use, and that it would violate the phony "Wall of Separation" should a government employee accidentally utter it.

But even that word is no longer sufficiently inclusive today. Now there is a new fabricated holiday demanding equal consideration. It is called "Festivus." No kidding. It has been dubbed, "Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us." They even have a symbolic decoration to take the place of a Christmas tree. It's called a Festivus pole. That's right - an aluminum pole. Sounds like a beautiful thing.

Well, this year I decorated my car with a personalized holiday greeting (pictured) that is neither inclusive nor sensitive. My wife thinks it is rude and she is embarrassed by it but hey, it really is about Christmas so, "MERRY CHRISTMAS, ACHMED."

Needless to say, there at the Patriot Post, at The Oreilly Factor, and here in my world where PC speech is taboo, it's still "Merry Christmas."

"GO FISH" is one of my wife's favorite new groups for music for teens. This song echos that sentiment; It's Christmas with a capital C.



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