Sunday, June 19, 2022


 Dear Mr. Biden.

Why am I on your email list of Democrat supporters? Do you know? There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t get donation appeals to support your presidential campaign. So I ask again; do you know who I am and why I am on your list?
Well, I do know so allow me to tell you.
You see, for several years now, I have been on the DNC email list of supporters ever since I first wrote a sarcastic birthday message to your former president.
That was the trigger. As much as I tried with rude, obnoxious, and downright disrespectful responses, Barack Obama, His wife, and all his mind-numbed minions continued to thank me and solicit more donations. The fact that they placed my name on the DNC supporter list made it obvious that they (and you) don’t care about your constituents. THEY NEVER BOTHER TO READ ANY CORRESPONDENCE THEY RECEIVE.
And so here I am, a Conservative, Christian, America-loving citizen who will NEVER vote for you or any Democrat, and yet, I remain on the list of brain-dead minions.
And YOU all think I am a supporter and potential donor. Furthermore, I would bet that YOU too, will never read my letters.
But I am happy about one thing. For years I wanted a membership in the National Rifle Association but I could not afford it. But that all changed a few years ago when
I started getting donation requests from Barack Obama. He wasn’t asking for much; just a mere $3.00. Every time He, or your party, asks me to help with a $3 donation, I put three bucks away. You don't know just how quickly it all added up and every year, on my birthday, I would take enough of the money to buy myself a present; I sent it to the NRA for my annual membership dues.
So I am writing this letter to thank you and the DNC. I trust you will be pleased to know that I had accumulated enough to purchase a LIFE MEMBERSHIP in the National Rifle Association.
Again, I say Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the wonderful birthday present.
P.S. PLEASE keep sending your appeals to my email address; I have some grandsons who would also like to be NRA members.
Ralph M. Petersen
(doing my part to Make America Great Again)

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