Thursday, October 5, 2017

WHO IS YOUR GOD? (part 1 - The Aseity of God)

Who’s your GOD? 
A brief description of the Attributes of God.

We can know nothing about God, except that, and ONLY that, which He has revealed to us.  And those attributes are found in Scripture.  If the god you worship is less than, more than or different from the ONE TRUE GOD of the Bible, then your God is one you have created in your own imagination.  And that is a violation of the First and Second Commandments. 

Part 1.     THE ASEITY OF GOD - God is Self-Existant

The word aseity (uh-SAY-eh-tee) comes from Latin roots meaning “from” and “self.”  God is self-existent and all-sufficient in His being. 

GOD IS!  He has no beginning and He has no end.  He exists both in and apart from His creation.   And should He destroy the physical universe, He still exists.

He is infinite and unaffected by time.  He is no older today than He is when He created the universe.  And He is no younger than He is at the end of the Ages. 

Because we are finite and physical beings, we have no words to describe an eternal existence so we use phrases like eternity past to describe time before God created everything.  But that is wrong because it is beyond our comprehension; there was NO TIME before the beginning (Genesis 1:1) when God created time, space, and matter.  Before time, God is.

A. W. Pink wrote, “God was under no constraint, no obligation, no necessity to create.  That He chose to do so was purely a sovereign act on His part caused by nothing outside of Himself, determined by nothing but His own mere good pleasure.” 

God is complete and self-satisfied.  Some people say that He was lonely and because God is Love, He needed to create someone with whom He could share His love and companionship.  But God is not dependent on anything or anyone.  He is completely self-satisfied in His triunity.    

Romans 11:36 says “all things are FROM Him and THROUGH Him and TO Him.”  That means that God is the SOURCE of All Things, He is the MEANS of All Things, and He is the GOAL or the end of All Things.

Because God exists eternally apart from the physical universe, He is limitless in His Power and Majesty.

Does that sound like your God?  I hope so because This God is the TRUE and LIVING GOD.  Any other god is an idol.

(Some material presented here has been quoted from "The Attributes of God" as published by Ligonier Ministries and influenced by the companion lectures of Steven Lawson)

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