Monday, February 8, 2016

Stupid Internet Bumper Stickers

I stumbled onto this stupid "christian" meme today, that someone posted on Facebook.  These things are the "information superhighway's" version of bumper stickers like "Honk if you love Jesus" or "Jesus Is My Co-pilot."  Most of them are doctrinally weak at best.  This one falls into the category of HERESY.

It implies that men can attain salvation by keeping the law.  But they would be wrong.

Sure, Noah heard from God and fear gripped him.  And it was out of that fear that he obeyed God's command.  But the verdict was already pronounce, ALL men were sinners, including Noah (you can read it in Genesis).

We're all like that; every one of us.  We obey laws because we fear the consequences of breaking them.  

The Truth is, salvation is NOT achievable by obeying God's commands (keeping the law).  Salvation is obtained ONLY by God's Grace ALONE through the FAITH that He gives us to believe.  And then, a believer has a new heart and a free-will to turn away from sin and worship God in humble submission and loving obedience.

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