Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Will Do Something That The Vast Majority Of Christians Will Not Do.

I am not going to make any endorsements here for the 2016 Presidential election; I am just going to affirm that, in the California primaries, I am going to vote for the most conservative Republican candidate on the ballot.   I will vote for a conservative because I am a Christian and a conservative ideology is much, Much, MUCH more closely aligned with Christian biblical truth than is a liberal ideology. I will vote for a Republican because Republicans are generally more conservative and in line with basic biblical principles than are Democrats who are generally liberal and strongly favorable toward big government socialism and antagonistic to our freedoms. A Christian Democrat is an oxymoron. To re-phrase and piggy-back on a stupid question by the Pope, "How can a person be a Democrat and call himself a Christian?"

However, after the primaries, when the general election comes in November, I will do something that the VAST MAJORITY OF PROFESSING CHRISTIANS WILL NOT DO. I will vote. That's right, you read that correctly; I WILL VOTE.

Every four years the vast majority of Christians suddenly decide to appeal to their long-neglected consciences and refuse to vote for someone who does not measure up to their ideal, perfect candidate so they just stay home and don't vote. Here is a news flash, you dummies; a failure to vote is an automatic vote for the opposition.

Your ideal perfect candidate is NOT running. Jesus is NOT on the ballot. All the rest of them are imperfect sinners. Nevertheless, you are responsible for the outcome whether or not you vote so get off your self- righteous high horse and vote right.

In the general election, I will vote for the Republican candidate even if his name is Mickey Mouse, Alfred E. Neuman, or Donald Trump, because the alternative is not acceptable.  A democratic win will be a victory for the anti-American, socialist ideology that will destroy our constitutional form of government, our Bill of Rights, our judicial system, our rule of law, our economic stability, our education (however messed up and inefficient as it is), our culture, our security, and our freedoms (including religious freedoms).

I hope, by November, we have an acceptable candidate. But if Trump is the one, I will vote for him. As president, he might be a disaster; he might be right only 20 or 30 percent of the time BUT neither the "over-the-hill" deadbeat, hippy socialist, nor the angry, barking, pant-suit wearing, crazy lying lesbian will improve our moral or economic climate. They will definitely rule contrary to biblical principles of governance.  They will be 100% BAD for this country.

Don't let your seared consciences keep you from doing right and voting RIGHT.


Pumice said...

I don't believe I have every missed an election and I have always gone that route. I am not sure that I can continue to do so. I am so so sure that Trump will do anything different than Hillary would do. There are third party candidates but I don't know if they are any better.

Hit if a few more times.

Grace and peace.

NotMister said...

I think your sentiments resonates what most Christians believe. Including me.