Monday, June 22, 2015

Ten Reasons Why I Own A Gun (In case anyone needs to know)

Liberals are always asking, “Why does anyone need a gun?”

Well here’s a better question; Why should any free person have to explain why he needs anything?

Here is my list of the top ten reasons why I need a gun.

       1.      So I can start a race.

       2.     So I can make noise on the fourth of July.

       3.     So I have something to put my bullets in.

4     4.     So I can have a reason to buy a gun safe.

       5.      So I can put my horse or my dog out of his misery if he breaks a leg.

6     6.      So I can keep important papers from blowing off my desk.

7     7.      So I can blow up my desk.

8     8.     So I can shoot cans.

9     9.      So I can clear out my congested nose.

      10.    So I can end a severe migraine headache.

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