Tuesday, December 30, 2014

WHY I DON'T LISTEN TO MAIN-STREAM MEDIA (and why I ignore environmentalist fear mongers).

Recent storms in Southern California have dumped nearly 10 inches of rain in some parts of Southern CA. I measured the rainfall in our area after the first few days and I had six inches.

So what did we hear on the news?   Here is the summary from this morning's broadcast:
We needed the rain but THE DROUGHT IS NOT OVER. This rain storm DIDN'T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE. In order to be sufficient, we would need non-stop rain for 180 DAYS.

WHAT?  DIDN'T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE?  I don't know about you but, my scorched and dying landscape got plenty of much needed water, the dust on my roof and my cars was washed off, and my pool was well-filled. All of those represent water that I did not consume through the public utility thereby depleting valuable resources from a short supply. Multiplied by millions of households across the Southland, surely that must have made SOME difference. I'm surprised that the water czars aren't charging me for the rain water I used (but if any of them read this, they might try to figure a way to impose a rain water tax on all of us).

The obvious truth is that water levels in all our lakes and storage basins were raised, Much of it was absorbed into the ground and ground water resources were improved.

180 days; 180 DAYS? Are they kidding? It only took God forty days to flood the whole world. Those kinds of inane statements are insulting to the intelligence of NORMAL, thinking people (normal being defined as anyone who has not been subjected to influence of public education or brainwashed by left-leaning politics or bureaucratic propaganda.

Here is a real news flash for the ignorant (a couple generations ago, we learned this stuff in schools where people sent their kids to actually learn stuff); THE WORLD IS NOT RUNNING OUT OF WATER.  Sure, there may be local shortages in readily available resources but we do have water. The oceans are full of it. It evaporates, is distributed over the earth in the forms of clouds, comes down in the form of fog, dew, rain, or snow, absorbs into the ground and flows from streams to rivers back into lakes and oceans. Its called the hydraulic cycle. That is God's design for the care of His creation.

And today, through technology, we have the ability to channel those resources to the entire world. But politics and bureaucratic controls always get in the way. California is deliberately dumping billions of gallons of fresh water into the ocean because of some stupid little worthless fish so the whole, fertile, central valley has been turned from a thriving, bountiful breadbasket capable of producing enough food for the world, into an arid wasteland and the Southland is cut off. With all the coast line we have in California, there is no good reason for not having desalinization plants providing water to our metropolitan areas. Instead, we are about to invest somewhere north of a hundred billion dollars on a senseless, high speed rail system that nobody needs, and that will go from no place to no where, but I digress.

Nevertheless, thank God for the rain because, "He causes the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth; Who makes lightnings for the rain, Who brings forth the wind from His treasuries." Psalm 135:7

We deserve nothing from Him yet He is merciful and He answered our prayers by providing for our needs.
And He didn't get any help from Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown and Obama is too busy reigning over riots and screwing up our healthcare system.

If, after it is all settled, the water districts' resources have been increased by just ONE STINKIN' GALLON more than their demands, THAT IS A POSITIVE NET GAIN.  The pundits should do the math and stop insulting us.


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Pumice said...

Don't look now but Maryland has already put in a rain tax. It is based on how much of your property is covered with improvements, thus keeping the water from sinking into the ground. And as we all know, as goes Maryland, so goes the nation.

Grace and peace.