Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Constitution Day Letter To The President

September 17, 2014

Dear Mr. President

I read a disturbing headline this morning; It said that one of our constitutional rights may soon be taken away.  Actually there have been several similar postulations and threats over the past few months and, frankly, they are believable because it is no secret that you and your administration are vigorously at work to trash our constitution and strip us of most of our rights.  In fact, you and I both know very well that you have blatantly ignored the rule of law and thumbed your nose at several of the amendments in our Bill of Rights.

So I just thought I would take this opportunity, on the birthday of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, to inform you of some facts.  Our rights do not derive from you or our government.  They derive from God and, regardless what you might think, you sir, are not Him.  They are inalienable; that means they cannot be taken away.  I’m sure you know that because you claim to have been a Constitutional professor (although there is substantial doubt about that). 

You swore an oath to protect and uphold that document when you were inaugurated.  Did you forget about that or was that just another of your many deliberate lies?

But I digress so let me get back on point.  You, sir, with a stroke of your pen or a phone call, may just declare our rights null and void or you may even mandate new laws by executive order. But I say to you, an illegal law is not a law and there are plenty of us out here in the Real America, who will not obey your illegal laws.  And many of us are inspired, instructed, and dutifully motivated by the preamble to our Declaration of Independence which I have paraphrased here for your convenience:
There are some things that are just absolutely and fundamentally true. In fact, they are so universally evident and understood that they don’t even need to be argued or defended. One of those absolute truths is that we are all created by God. And because He is the creator and the giver of life, no one, and no government has the right to arbitrarily take the life of another. Nor does anyone have the right to own, control or hold another person hostage. And, no one has the right to deny any other person the opportunity to pursue his dreams or ambitions. The right to life, the right to be free and the right to pursue happiness are all rights that are granted to men by God-not by government.

In order to secure and protect their God-given rights, it is the responsibility of men to organize governments for themselves whose ONLY powers are those that are granted to them by the willing consent of the people. And, with those powers, they must act righteously for the good of those they govern. 

Whenever any government becomes so destructive or oppressive that it threatens or diminishes these basic rights of its people, it is the responsibility of the people to change or abolish that government and create a new one that will most effectively secure their safety, freedom, well-being and happiness.

Governments that have been well-established and that have served well over long periods of time must be wise and very careful to remember their fundamental purpose and not substantively deviate from it for frivolous or fleeting causes. History has shown that most men will endure a lot of abuse and persecution and even evil at the hands of their governments as long as they think the abuses are tolerable because, over time, they become accustomed to it. Resistance is hard work and, frankly, it is much easier to just endure government encroachment as much as possible.

But when any government becomes so abusive and oppressive; when it systematically erodes the freedoms of the very people who established it and empowered it in the first place, to the point that it becomes tyrannical or dictatorial, it is the right, - no, it is the duty of men to overthrow that government and to organize a new system to guard their future security.

Mr. President, your administration already has and no doubt will continue to make our lives increasingly more miserable.  We have no reasonable assurance that you will not continue to dispatch federal thugs and goons to harass us and intimidate us.  And you might seize our property, incarcerate us, or even kill us.  That’s what tyrants do and you have shown us no good reason to expect less from you.  Nevertheless, understand this; there is a great, patriotic resistance out here across our country who value liberty more than safety and comfort and, if necessary, many of us are willing to bleed or even make ultimate sacrifices for our freedom.
So in closing, Mr. President, I hope you have a nice day and I look forward to the day when you no longer occupy the People’s House.  God bless America.

Respectfully Yours,


Ralph M. Petersen

(mailed on 9-17-2014)

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Pumice said...

You can see why this document is not being taught in our schools unless the dinosaurs bring it up.

Grace and peace.